25 October 2017

Geofluid Green

25 October 2017


Forty years after its birth, GEOFLUID is involved today in a context of "energy turning-point" to achieve decarbonization goals, towards a “low carbon” and sustainable energy future.
In synergy with the lines drawn by the SEN (National Energy Strategy), the Ministries of Economic Development MISE and of the Environment (MATTM) and by the European programs SET PLAN and Horizon 2020, GEOFLUID GREEN is a novelties container, to be developed through three brand new sector of the exhibition: GEOTHERMAL, GEOEXCHANGE and FOCUS GAS.
Geothermal has been already an integral part of the event for over 10 years.
The sector has experienced significant growth in foreign markets and has strong growth margins.
Geoexchange systems have great potential for further development, for the energy saving they produce and for high environmental sustainability. These new market outlets for machines, plants and equipment will also be brought to the front of the stage in 2018.

Transport and storage MIDSTREAM

  • National energy resources (hydrocarbons) with particular emphasis to gas development (of lesser environmental impact)
  • LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas): transportable both on land and by sea, as well as storable in spent gas fields for the utilization in the cold seasons, when the
    demand doubles and the production / import system does not would be able to satisfy the needs.

Gas is an indispensable source of energy to accompany renewable sources to a future of decarbonisation (transition period), giving technology time to reach innovative levels that will allow the storage of electricity produced from renewable sources such as hydroelectric, wind, photovoltaic, geothermal and geospatial.


Energy production by using underground fluids

  • Innovative drilling technologies
  • Technologies for steam production
  • Technologies with zero environmental impact binary systems


Energy saving technologies with thermal exchange in the underground

  • Heat pump systems
  • Geothermal probes (closed circuit)
  • Intake and return wells (open circuit)
  • Drilling rigs
  • Sistemi avanzati di perforazione ad alta temperatura
  • Pipes and grouts for geothermal probes
  • Well pipes, filters and insulation systems
  • Testing and monitoring equipment and software
  • Engineering and consulting firms

The 2018 edition of Geofluid intends to strengthen relationship with major national and European players in the long run to boost growth, diversify supplies and to help developing an industrial system of excellence that can achieve the goals of environmental protection and sustainability at sooner.